Premium Honda Engines
Electric Start
Gasoline, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, OHC
3 Year Warranty
One piece solid front panel
Large 7 gallons fluid reservoir
Auto-Lock Saw head
12V Head Adjustment
4 Post Head for Rock Solid Stability
Simple cam lock blade tensioner
Automatic Blade Lube System
Automatic Blade Brake system
Automatic Engine Throttle
Automatic Saw Blade engagement
Extendable Base Length
Logs up to 48" Diameter
Solid steel tubing
Completely welded no joints
3/4" last board cut

From: $8,404.09

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      • 12V Saw Head Up/Down Control
      • Unique Industry Feature: Cut 2 Logs at the Same Time
      • Maximum Log Diameter 30″
      • 21 Feet Maximum Board Length, 24 foot bed
      • Honda GX390 Premium 13HP
      • Solid Steel Tubing Frame 2X6 3/16, Completely Welded with 11 Cross Members
      • 9 Conveyor Rollers of 12 inches, Heavy Duty and Zinc Plated
      • 4 Adjustable Jacks of 2000Lbs, and 5 Leveling Stands for Solid Support
      • 4  Log Dog, Simple one Hand Cam-lock Design
      • 4 Integrated Toe Boards,  Allow to Compensate the Taper of the Log With Little Effort

From: $8,404.09


  • Most popular portable sawmill, all necessary is included
  • cut logs up to 21 feet and  30 inch diameter
  • Automatic Saw Head positioning and Auto-Lock Saw head
  • The Big-Red saw 2 logs at the same time, unique feature in the industry
  • One-step-Go feature exclusive to our sawmills


  • Honda GX390 Premium (upgradable to GX630 20.5HP)
  • Electric start with 18 amps/200Watts
  • Gasoline, air cooled, 4 stroke, one cylinder, OHC
  • 3 year Warranty

Saw Head:

  • 12v saw head up/down control
  • Maximum diameter of log 30  inches
  • Blade of 157’ ½ x 1 1/4 APEX RF, 3 Blades are included
  • Automatic Saw Head positioning, with Auto-Lock.
  • Simple cam lock blade tensioning for fast and easy adjustment
  • Single, One piece solid front panel, for easy access blade maintenance
  • High grade bearing blade-guide, Zinc design and adapted for heavy usage
  • Auto-blade lube system automatically turns on and off fluid flow during operation
  • Large 7 gallons removable lubrification tank
  • Automatic Blade-Brake system , maximize speed and the lifespan of your blades
  • Automatic engine throttle and saw Blade engagement.
  • Super-Duty frame Construction, completely made of 2’’X2’’ solid welds
  • Large color graduated ruler, details from ¾ up to 4 Inches,
  • ¾ inch last board cut capability

Base :

  • 21 feet maximum board length, onto a 24 foot bed.
  • Solid steel Tubing frame 2X6 3/16, completely welded with 11X cross members, no joints
  • 9 conveyor rollers of 12 inches, heavy duty and Zinc plated
  • 4 adjustable jacks of 2000Lbs, and 5 levelling stands for solid support
  • 4  Log Dog, simple one hand cam-lock design
  • 4 integrated Toe Board,  Allow to compensate the taper of a log without effort
  • 3000Lbs suspension axels with aluminum wheels ,5.30-12R, and mud-guards
  • All integrated turn signals ,Trailer tongue and security

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